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You want to get information on children's books publishers in the German speaking realm? You are looking for the right contact person in the publishing house? On our website www.kinder-und-jugendbuch-verlage.de you'll find all you need on this topic and a bit more!

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Here you get to know the German speaking children's books publishers. You get a summary on their program, their authors and illustrators and contacts in the publishing houses.

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Here you find a listing of institutions which occupy themselves with children's literature. In addition you'll get more information on how to submit your manuscript.

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Here you find the current events of publishers.

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Zürcher Kinderbuchpreis

The Zurich Children's Book Prize is awarded anually in the context of "Zurich reads". The jury allocates an outstanding, original german-speaking children's book, ... Learn More ›

Announcement ends in 4 days.

E-Book Projekt des Auswärtigen Amtes

Unter dem Motto „Freunde ohne Grenzen / Friends without Frontiers“ sucht das Auswärtige Amt schreibbegeisterte Kinder und Jugendliche im Alter bis 19 Jahre, die ihre eigenen Texte... Learn More ›

Announcement ends in 35 days.

Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis

The German children’s literature award is the only state prize for literature and has been awarded annually since 1956 in the categories picture books, children’s bo... Learn More ›

Announcement ends in 126 days.

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Peter Hammer Verlag

The Publishing House and its History Most of what is constituent for the publishing house in Wuppertal is implied in the name that was chosen by its founders in 1966. “Peter Hammer” is the literal translation of French “Pierre Marteau”. In the 17th century authors of oppositional works started to use “Pierre Marteau” as a code name to escape the sanctions by the authorities. It was this subversiveness which the founders thought to b...

Current awards

Evangelischer Buchpreis 2019


Nora Krug: Heimat

KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2019

NordSüd Verlag

Brendan Wenzel, Thomas Bodner (Übers.): Alle sehen eine Katze

THEO – Berlin-Brandenburgischer Preis für Junge Literatur 2019

Noah Langowski: Vor dem Sturm

Hamburger Bilderbuchpreis 2019

Ulrike Jänichen: Zug der Fische