The Publishing House and its History

Angelika Schaack and Andrea Herzog founded the HÖRCOMPANY in the year 2000. Their Wish is to produce amazing and high-quality audiobooks for children and adolescent audiences, which will also bring enjoyment to adult listeners. Carefully chosen Contents are adequately transferred to the audiobook medium and read by excellent actors.

That is why the independent publisher HÖRCOMPANY is amongst the audiobook-publishers with the most awards. The HÖRCOMPANY received the Prize Kinder und Jugendhörbuch des Jahres from the hr2-Bestenliste, the German Audiobook Award (DHP) and the Auditorix Audiobook-Seal. The German Youth-Audiobookprize BEO honored the reading of »Was wir dachten, was wir taten«. In 2018 the German Audiobook Award was received by Franziska Hartmann for »Die furchtlose Nelli...« »Vango« and »Maulina Schmitt 1« were also awarded the Audiobookprize BEO.

Since 2002 the Publisher Beltz runs the Distribution of Hörcompany Audiobooks in Cooperation.

Pressestimme zu Skulduggery Pleasant


The HÖRCOMPANY tells great and exiting stories for children and youth. The program draws a bow from adventure, imagination and poetry to non-fiction and history, and contains all ages and genres from storybook classics to fantasy bestsellers.

Award-winning Authors like Jason Reynolds, Lea-Lina Oppermann, Verena Reinhardt, Finn-Ole Heinrich or Marie-Aude Murail with »Simpel«, coin the program with a unique literary note. Selected All-Age-Titles like the bizarre fantasy-series with Skeleton-detective ›Skulduggery Pleasant‹ shape the profile. Poems, songs and nursery rhymes contribute aswell to create a distinctive listening experience. The series ›Weltliteratur für Kinder‹ renarrates classical material in a lively manner, complemented by dramatized excerpts of the original text. It was awarded for its exceptional concept in 2014 with the German Audiobookprize (DHP) for the Best Publishing Accomplishment.

Treasures like the German classic »Der Sängerkrieg der Heidehasen« or the Stories from the ›GRUFFELO‹ -Team Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler and their German voice Ilona Schulz complete the program.
High-quality provisions and elaborated booklets complement the concept.

Currently a versatile selection is available with titles like »Matti und Sami«, »Ghost«, »Sunny«, »Verborgene Schätze« and a new >Skulduggery Pleasant<.


Each audiobook gets its own unique sound fitting the particular content from a proper and excellent narrator. Amongst the narrators are Martin Baltscheit, Fritzi Haberlandt, Jörg Pohl, Peter Lohmeyer, Sandra Hüller, Peter Kaempfe, Stefan Kurt, Birte Schnöink, Jens Wawrczeck, Julian Greis, Katharina Thalbach, Stefan Kaminski, Rainer Strecker and many other award-winning actors.

Current awards

  • Leipziger Lesekompass 2019 – Jason Reynolds/Anja Hansen-Schmidt (Übers.)/Jörg Pohl (Sprecher): Ghost. Jede Menge Leben
  • Der Deutsche Hörbuchpreis - Kategorie Kinderhörbuch 2018 – Verena Reinhardt: Die furchtlose Nelli, die tollkühne Trude und der geheimnisvolle Nachtflieger (Interpret: Franziska Hartmann)
  • Children's Audiobook Award BEO 2018 – Lea-Lina Oppermann: Was wir dachten, was wir taten
  • Leipziger Lesekompass 2018 – Lea-Lina Oppermann (Autorin): Was wir dachten, was wir taten


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