The publishing house and its history

According to the motto »For children only the best«, the publishing house JUMBO in Hamburg has been publishing exciting high-quality audiobooks for over 25 years. The labels GoyaLiT and Goya libre provide audiobooks for adults and adolescents. Along with other entrepreneurs, Gabriele Swiderski and Ulrich Maske founded JUMBO in 1991. The red elephant-logo, which provides high brand recognition, was designed by Jutta Bauer, and adorns approximately 855 productions for children. Overall, the program includes more than 1200 titles. With more than 30 current employees, the JUMBO publishing house ranks among the largest audiobook publishers in Germany and continues to remain independent from other corporate groups. Many of JUMBO’s productions have been ranked on the »hr2-Hörbuchbestenliste« and have received numerous awards, such as the »Deutsche Schallplattenkritik« prize.


In JUMBO’s audiobooks, characters like »Bobo Siebenschläfer«, »Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt« and »Piggeldy und Frederick« excite listeners from the age of two upwards. Important components of the program are well known series such as ›Das magische Baumhaus‹, ›Die Nordseedetektive‹ or ›Die Zeitdetektive‹ that take the listener to distant lands and past times. The ›Wieso? Weshalb? Warum?‹ series does not only inform but is fun as well. JUMBO furthermore publishes audiobooks of texts by renowned authors, including Kirsten Boie (»Der kleine Ritter Trenk«), Franziska Gehm (»Die Vampirschwestern«), and Isabel Abedi (»Lola«). Christine Nöstlinger, Andreas H. Schmachtl, Gudrun Pausewang and Klaus-Peter Wolf are part of the program too.
Artists such as Matthias Meyer-Göllner, Ulrich Maske, Bettina Göschl, Robert Metcalf and others contribute to the musical diversity of the program. Marko Simsa aims to and succeeds in excitingly introducing classical music to children. Colorful picture books and children’s books complete the program.

The label Goya libre publishes audiobooks for adolescents. Cornelia Funke’s »Tintenwelt«, Kirsten Boie’s »Alhambra«, Monika Feth’s »Der Erdbeerpflücker«, the audio dramas »Krabat« and »Die Welle« as well as youth novels by Antje Babendererde and Morton Rhue combine suspense with literary form. Dystopias and fantasy-trilogies by Ursula Poznanski, Michael Peinkofer and Kiera Cass are as much a stable component of JUMBO’s program as is the popular series ›Die Legende der Wächter‹ by Kathryn Lasky.

Renowned actors and actresses lend their voices to the stories: Katharina Thalbach, Regina Lemnitz, Stefan Kaminski, Dietmar Wunder, Josefine Preuß, Jürgen Uter, Karl Menrad, Robert Missler, Julia Nachtmann, Rainer Strecker, Jacob Weigert, Julian Greis and Bernd Stephan among others.


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06/05/2019 Bargteheide

Lese-Reise zum Welttag des Buches 2019: Lesung mit Silke Brix

Zum Welttag des Buches 2019 schicken avj-Mitgliedsverlage ihre Autorinnen und Autoren auf Lese-Reise. Die Aktion Lese-Reise wird organisiert vom Sortimenter-Ausschuss im Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels und der avj.

06/05/2019 Emil-Nolde-Schule, Am Schulzentrum 11A, 22941 Bargteheide


JUMBO Neue Medien & Verlag GmbH

Henriettenstraße 42 a
20259 Hamburg


Phone +49 (0) 40 / 4 29 30 40-0


Contact Person

Publishing Manager Gabriele Swiderski

Program Manager Ulrich Maske

Foreign Rights Dana Nitz

Editorial Department Sarah Theel, Inga Reuters

Sales Claudia Kretschmer

Marketing Claudia Kretschmer (-253)

Public Relations Kristina Fischer (-27)

Events Bianca Drescher (-143)