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The Publishing House and its History

Children’s and young adult audiobook publisher »Silberfisch« (Silver Fish) was founded in 2007 under the Hörbuch Hamburg umbrella, along the banks of the Elbe. Thanks to a careful selection of materials and a consistently high level of quality productions the publisher has been very successful from the start.


Every year, Silberfisch releases about 90 titles—from classic narration to audio drama. The program embraces a good mix of entertainment, high quality literature, and exciting nonfiction for all age groups.

Alongside classics by Michael Ende, Hugh Lofting and Max Kruse one can find contemporary children’s and young adult audiobooks by Andreas Steinhöfel, Oliver Scherz, Wieland Freund, Uwe Timm and Philip Pullman.

In cooperation with public radio broadcasters, the publishing house regularly produces high-end audio plays, based on classic and recent fiction for young people, such as »Die unendliche Geschichte« (The Neverending Story) and »Rico, Oskar und das Vomhimmelhoch« (Rico, Oskar and the Fromheavenabove).

Strong characters and series, like ›Conni‹, ›Das magische Baumhaus‹ (The Magic Tree House), ›Der kleine Rabe Socke‹ (Sock the Crow) and ›Die Schule der magischen Tiere‹ (The School of Magic Animals), complete the program.

In Spring 2019 young listeners from the age of six can look forward to a chivalric tale by Michael Ende and Wieland Freund: »Rodrigo Raubein und Knirps, sein Knappe« (Rodrigo Roughneck and Nipper, his knave). Michael Ende (†1995), author of many children's classics like »The Neverending Story« and »Momo«, wrote the beginning of the story but never finished it. Well-known children's book author Wieland Freund now completed Nipper's adventure. Christoph Maria Herbst reads this outstanding classic-to-be for Silberfisch.

»Drei Helden für Mathilda« (Three Heroes for Mathilda) by Oliver Scherz tells the story of three cuddly toys who venture into the city to rescue supposedly kidnapped Mathilda and bring her back home. Oliver Scherz reads the exciting adventure for young listeners himself.

In Pertti Kivinens »Die Blaubeerdetektive« (The Blueberry Detectives) Alma, Selma, Olli and Samu solve their first crime. The idyllic forest on Blueberry Island is in danger, they have to save it! Prize-winning actor Sebastian Rudolph reads the fun detective-story with empathy and wit.

»Kannawoniwasein! Manchmal muss man einfach verduften« (Get outta here! Sometimes you just need to scram) was a great success in the previous program. Now Finn and Jola are back and cause chaos on Jola's grandparents' farm in Poland. Stefan Kaminski reads »Manchmal fliegt einem alles um die Ohren« (Sometimes things just blow up), perfectly imitating the typical Berlin tongue.

In nonfiction the audiobook »Wie Tiere denken und fühlen« (How animals think and feel) by Karsten Brensing will fascinate listeners. Guido Hammesfahr, popular among kids from the TV-show Löwenzahn, lends his voice to the book.

Sarah J. Maas' fantasy series »Throne of Glass« provides new material for "binge hearing". The enthralling saga about a tough heroine unfolds in seven volumes. Ann Vielhaben reads all of them in unabridged length.

Artists and actors

Our multi-faceted, award-winning group of actors and fiction readers includes: Martin Baltscheit, Oliver Rohrbeck, Andreas Fröhlich, Gert Heidenreich, Christoph Maria Herbst, Sascha Icks, Stefan Kaminski, Andreas Steinhöfel and Julia Nachtmann.


Silberfisch audiobooks are regularly listed on the radio station hr2-Best Audiobooks monthly list for children and young adults. This year seven titles made it on this prestigious list.

»Kannawoniwasein! Manchmal muss man einfach verduften« by Martin Muser received more praise than any other title. Being listed on the hr2-Best Audiobooks monthly list twice, the reading by Stefan Kaminski was awarded the Auditorix (a national seal of quality for noteworthy children’s audiobooks) and was elected best children's audiobook of the year 2018 by the hr2-jury.

Current awards

  • Der Deutsche Hörbuchpreis - Kategorie Kinderhörbuch 2019 – Martin Muser: Kannawonniwasein! Manchmal muss man einfach verduften (Interpret: Stefan Kaminski)
  • Leipziger Lesekompass 2019 – Julie Leuze/Martin Baltscheit (Sprecher): Das Rumpelding, seine kleinen, mutigen Freunde und die große, weite Welt
  • hr2 Best children's audiobook of the year 2018 – Martin Muser: Kannawoniwasein! Manchmal muss man einfach verduften
  • Children's Audiobook Award BEO 2017 – Knut Krüger: Nur mal schnell das Mammut retten

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