FISCHER Sauerländer

The Publishing House and its History

FISCHER Sauerländer stands for outstanding, high-quality books for children and young adults. From beautiful picture books, including classics and fairy tales, to specialized non-fiction books, its list celebrates both renowned German and international authors.

For over 200 years Sauerländer’s publishing program has been characterized by ambitious and creative publishing for children and young adults. Time and again it leads new trends through its passion for innovation and novelty. Originally based in the Swiss Aargau region, since 2013 Sauerländer has found a new home under the umbrella of the S. Fischer Verlage. FISCHER Sauerländer is part of FISCHER Kinder- und Jugenbuch Verlag GmbH.


Many literary classics such as ›Red Zora‹, ›The Black Brothers‹ or ›The Little Apple Mouse‹, are central to the list, but it is also home to many books by German and international authors and illustrators.

Authors and Illustrators

Our current picture book publishing program is led by illustrators such as Alexander Steffensmeier, Daniel Napp, Bettina Gotzen-Beek, Cornelia Haas, Jörg Mühle, Ingrid and Dieter Schubert, Anita Jeram, Emily Gravett or Chris Haughton.

Amongst the diverse stable of authors at Sauerländer readers can discover Christine Nöstlinger, Gudrun Pausewang, Friedbert and Anu Stohner, Dagmar Chidolue, Kathrin Schrocke, Kai Lüftner, Frank Schmeißer or Tobias Elsäßer, as well as international authors Kiera Cass, Alice Hoffman, Judith Kerr, Neal Shusterman, Chris Ridell, Sam McBratney, Jasmine Warga, Katherine Patterson or Marcin Szczygielski.

Current awards

  • Carl-Buch-Preis 2019 – Einar Turkowski (Ill.): Die Mitternachtstür
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2019 – Eric Bell: Dieses Leben gehört: Alan Cole – bitte nicht knicken
  • Korbinian - Paul-Maar-Preis für junge Talente 2019 – Lara Schützsack: Sonne, Moon und Sterne
  • Zürcher Kinderbuchpreis 2019 – Lara Schützsack: Sonne, Moon und Sterne
  • Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2018 – Gianumberto Accinelli/ Serena Viola (Ill.): Der Dominoeffekt oder Die unsichtbaren Fäden der Natur
  • Jury der jungen Leser 2018 – Sara Pennypacker: Mein Freund PAX
  • Leipziger Lesekompass 2018 – Andrea Schomburg / Betina Gotzen-Beek (III.): Der halbste Held der ganzen Welt
  • Ulmer Unke 2018 – Kelly Barnhill: Das Mädchen, das den Mond trank
  • Children's Audiobook Award BEO 2017 – Alex Gino: George
  • Wissensbuch des Jahres - Perspektive - Das Sachkundigste Jugendbuch 2017 – Gianumberto Accinelli/ Serena Viola (Ill.): Der Dominoeffekt oder Die unsichtbaren Fäden der Natur

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Bo’s Moving Out

  • Bernd Kohlhepp
  • Illustrated by Catharina Westphal
  • Spring 2016, 32 pages, 28.0 x 21.5 cm
  • Picturebook
  • Ages 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Bo is ANGRY! He tore his shoelace, one of his action figures got broken and now there is broccoli for lunch. That’s it! Bo is moving out. But can one get rid of one’s family...? --

A convincing story of a little hero on his way to growing up!

Why? Asks Mrs Caulifly

  • Barbara van den Speulhof
  • Illustrated by Annette Swoboda
  • Spring 2017, 32 pages, 28.0 x 21.5 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

“Why?” is the best question in the world, believes Mrs. Caulifly. Why has she ever stopped asking it? There is so much to find out. So she sets off, always eager to find out more of the world’s riddles. Not everybody takes kindly to her, but then she meets a little boy who is just as curious as herself...

For all curious children – and their parents!

Theo Wants Cherries

  • Steffi Wöhner
  • Spring 2017, 16 pages, 13.0 x 13.0 cm
  • Boardbook
  • Ages 2+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Theo is a pig, and little red robin Dickie is his best friend. Today, they want cherries. How can they get to them? Dickie tries, and then is annoyed with Theo for gobbling up the one cherry Dickie throws down to him all by himself. But thankfully, Theo is not only always calm, but also very clever! He comes up with the perfect idea.
Absolutely charming book!

Further title available.

Zarah and Shaggy

  • Jan Birck
  • Spring 2017, 64 pages, 17.0 x 24.0 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 5+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Zarah has just moved into a new apartment. Mum is either busy or sleeping, and the other children don’t want to let her play with them (she looks like an Indian, they tell her – and is this a wonder, with her Dad being one?) Well, Zarah needs a friend. Or even better – a pony! (Albeit one that fits into the lift.) Being Zarah, she soon has an idea where to get one – and in rides Shaggy!
Hilarious story about a four-legged friend who is actually a dog – the shaggiest one imaginable.

More titles planned!
English translation available.

Luna Purple

  • Anu & Friedbert Stohner
  • Illustrated by Pe Grigo
  • Spring 2016, 176 pages, 14.0 x 21.5 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 8+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Luna-Lila has tons of crazy ideas, is not afraid of anything and is – despite her allergy to pink – a true princess. The absolute best about Luna-Lila is: She lives in Wilma’s room! That no one except Wilma can see her, well … that does not mean she is »imaginary«, oh no...

Next Time You Go Away

  • Annette Herzog
  • Illustrated by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert
  • Spring 2019, 32 pages, 23 x 30 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 3+
  • Rights sold to the Netherlands
  • Website

A wonderful picture book for all little heroes whose parents have to go away on a trip.

Good Night? Sleep Tight!

  • Nastja Holtfreter
  • Spring 2019, 12 pages, 17 x 17 cm
  • Boardbook
  • 2+
  • All rights available
  • Website

All animals are turning in for the night – but by pulling the slide, at least one of them wakes up again.
Board book with a slide on every page.

Girls! / Boys! What Cool Girls / Boys Need to Know

  • Ilona Einwohlt
  • Illustrated by Bianca Schaalburg
  • Spring 2019, 96 pages,
  • Hardcover
  • 10+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Two individual non-fiction guides through puberty, for boys and girls.
With modern illustrations and photographs.


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