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Globi and his History

»I know something, come with me! We’ll have fun and you will see!« With this friendly invitation, Globi entered the world of children’s literature in 1932. He has won the hearts of young and old alike ever since. Globi was created as a marketing idea to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Swiss department store, »Globus«. His early role as an advertising figure eventually developed into a booming career as an independent character and popular cult figure. Globi’s first book appearance in 1935, »Globi’s Trip Around the World« has been followed by 87 further volumes. A long term success story unique to Swiss children’s literature!

The illustrator Robert Lips (who died in 1975) gave Globi his inimitable visual style and Alfred Bruggmann wrote the rhyming verses of the first books. Since 1935, a new Globi Classic Book has been produced nearly every year. The Globi Publishing Company was founded on September 21st, 1944. Today, Globi Publishing continues as an imprint of Orell Fussli Publishers.

The Globi program is in continual development. In addition to the »Classic Globi« books, we produce the educational ›Globi Knowledge‹ series, and even Globi’s cook books for children. Another spin-off is »Globine«, Globi’s perky and unusual friend.

»I know something, come with me! We’ll have fun and you will see!«

Illustration from »Globi und die Roboter « (978-3-85703-415-2)

Papa Moll and his History

The first Papa Moll adventure was penned by Edith Oppenheim-Jonas in 1952. In the beginning, the stories appeared exclusively in the »Junior« magazine. Since 1975, Papa Moll has been part of Globi Publishing. From this point onwards, new Papa Moll books have been produced. Today, new books appear annually. There are presently 30 Papa Moll books in print. An energetic, helpful and many-faceted father of three, Papa Moll always has the best of intentions in all that he does. However, he almost always has spectacularly bad luck resulting in hilarious stories which include his beloved Mama Moll, and their children, Evi, Fritz and Willy. Another popular figure is the Moll’s family pet, »Chips« the cheeky dachshund.

Edith Oppenheim-Jonas (1907-2001) - the Creator of Papa Moll

In many ways, Papa Moll reflects the biography of his author, Edith Oppenheim-Jonas. Her father, an engineer, inventor and passionate chess player, resembles the figure of Papa Moll. Her mother, too, was a probable influence. Her own children and family life have also provided inspiration for the stories.

Successful Products of Globi and Papa Moll

Each year, around 160,000 Globi books and some 35,000 Papa Moll books are sold. Additionally, recorded stories on cassettes and CD are popular as well, resulting in annual sales of 130,000. In total, more than 12.6 million Globi products and about one million Papa Moll books have been sold.

Globi and Moll appear at approximately 280 events annually in book shops, shopping centers and children’s birthday parties.

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