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The Publishing House and its History

Aktive Musik Verlagsgesellschaft mbH has been publishing audiobooks for children under the IGEL RECORDS label since 1990. Over the years, the company’s original successful song programme featuring artists like Fredrik Vahle and Klaus W. Hoffmann has evolved into a programme of high-quality audio literature for children. The hedgehog from Grimm’s fairy tale that beats the hare with cleverness and creativity in the footrace describes the audience for which the publisher produces its audio books: for listeners large and small, sophisticated and bright. With its instinct for quality and entertaining productions, IGEL RECORDS has won the hearts of children, teenagers and parents alike.


There are regularly award-winning productions among the titles published by IGEL RECORDS. So IGEL has won over a hundred awards over the years – including the Auditorix, the German record critics’ award, the Leopold, the German audio book award and the children’s audio book award BEO.


Be it recordings that entertain small children, kindergarten classics and exciting material for primary school children or challenging fiction and non-fiction texts for young people – IGEL audio books remain family favourites for years.

GRIECHISCHE SAGEN by Dimiter Inkiow is THE longstanding hit product of the programme, combining the most popular stories from the Greek mythology. Loved by children and parents alike, it has sold more than 1.000.000 copies to date. The first radio play, »Die Abenteuer des Odysseus«, was published in 2015 (before that it was only in stock as a reading) and produced with well-known narrators, such as Boris Aljinovic and Laura Maire. Productions such as »Sagenhaftes Rom«, »Sagenhafte Wikinger«, »Die große Hörbuchbox der Nordischen Sagen« or »Der Schatz der Nibelungen« complete the journey through all the different mythologies around the world.

Another main focus of the programme is RELAXATION FOR CHILDREN. The series »Kids in Balance« features relaxing music for babies and children, imaginary journeys and yoga as well as meditation. Restless children come back into balance and find new energy with these productions. The consistent and modern illustrations make the quality of the series stand out visually, too.

In terms of fictional audio books series such as »Ella« by Timo Parvela, »Tom Gates« by Liz Pichon or »Maluna Mondschein« by Andrea Schütze are entertainment at its best. Also we now offer thrilling young adult audio books as ‘digital only‘ productions like the ‘Terra’ series by Jennifer Alice Jager.

Authors and Narrators

Many popular authors, including Per Olov Enquist, Helme Heine, Paul Maar, Sally Nichols, Timo Parvela, Jutta Richter, Ralph Erdenberger, Frank Schwieger and many more, enrich the IGEL RECORDS programme.

IGEL RECORDS collaborates with selected narrators, among them some of the big names in the German audio business, such as Peter Kaempfe, Friedhelm Ptok, Cathlen Gawlich, Marian Funk, Katharina Thalbach, Louis Friedemann Thiele or Stefan Wilkening.

Current awards

  • Leopold Medienpreis 2019 – Die kleine Hexe


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