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The Publishing House and its History

rowohlt rotfuchs is among the most richly traditional programs for children and young adults in German-speaking countries. Founded in 1972 by Uwe Wandrey, rotfuchs soon became synonymous with committed, contemporary literature for children and young adults. In its over 40 years, rotfuchs has produced children's book heroes such as Markus Osterwalder's «Bobo Siebenschläfer» or Angela Sommer-Bodenburg's «Der kleine Vampir». rotfuchs is also the home of the legendary Roald Dahl's children's book classics like "Matilda" or "Charlie und die Schokoladenfabrik".


rotfuchs is proud to publish great children's authors like British bestselling writer David Walliams as well as acclaimed German authors such as Rüdiger Bertram, Salah Naoura or Franziska Gehm.

Our young adult program features outstanding and award-winning German writers such as Nils Mohl, Holly-Jane Rahlens, Kirsten Fuchs or Sarah Jäger alongside renowned international authors like Elizabeth Acevedo, Helen Cooper, Philip Kerr, Simon Mason, Nic Stone or William Sutcliffe.

Authors and Illustrators

We count ourselves lucky to present artists like Dorothée Böhlke, Anke Faust, Amelie Glienke, Cathy Ionescu, Regina Kehn, Barbara Korthues, Anke Kuhl, Ute Krause, Tony Ross, Birgit Schössow, Kai Schüttler or Joëlle Tourlonias.

Current awards

  • ILB Außergewöhnliches Buch 2017 – Roald Dahl: Sophiechen und der Riese
  • ILB Außergewöhnliches Buch 2017 – Margo Lanagan: Ligas Welt

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The Pearl Thief

  • Axel Scheffler & Rosa Scheffler
  • Illustrated by Axel Scheffler
  • Autumn 2019, 80 pages, 19 x 20 cm
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 5 +
  • Rights sold to the Netherlands, English world

When Peacock employs the little chicken in his shop, he’s blissfully unaware of the chaos that’s about to ensue: a royal visit, petty theft, a hunt for a robber and a sudden burst of glamour and fame in the morning! And there’s a radiant happy end for the chicken, too.
Accompanying the book is a set of embroidery instructions for children by Rosa Scheffler to recreate pearl brooches from the story.

A Year With Bobo Dormouse

  • Markus Osterwalder
  • Illustrated by Dorothée Böhlke
  • October 2020, 384 pages,
  • Age 3+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Four much-loved Bobo books together in a nice chunky collected volume! ‘Bobo Goes to Kindergarten’, ‘Bobo Dormouse Plays outside in the Sunshine!’, ‘Fun at Home!’ and ‘Merry Christmas, Bobo Dormouse’ – the much-loved dormouse has adventures from daily life that children recognise all year round … and he falls asleep at the end of every story.

Carla Chameleon

  • Franziska Gehm
  • Illustrated by Julia Christians
  • March 2020, 240 pages,
  • Age 9+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Carla can't believe it, first her best friend Herta just moved to Australia and now in the first lesson after the holidays Jole, the new kid in her class, sits next to her and makes embarrassing jokes. This is clearly too much for shy Carla – she becomes invisible and takes on the colour and texture of her surroundings.

Fortunately, nobody notices. Except Jole, who enthusiastically observes this transformation. Carla herself is horrified! She absolutely wants to be normal! Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at this one transformation and soon a secret society also becomes aware of Carla's rare quality. “The Cavaliers" want to harness the power of Carla's transformation for themselves. When Herta finds out that Carla has severe chameliosis, she sends her a special pill. Unfortunately Carla’s penguin Mr. Ping swallows it, then develops a sling tongue and won’t stop talking in rhymes... but this is just one of many problems Carla and Jole have to solve.

Finn's Fantastic Friends

  • Rüdiger Bertram
  • Illustrated by Ute Krause
  • March 2019, 192 pages,
  • Age 6+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Boom! A barrel falls from the sky and… Wow! A wizard emerges…

Finn can’t believe his eyes when an old wizard and his chameleon dragon literally fall from the sky. Finn, an avid collector, hides them in the shed at home, where they immediately start causing all sorts of trouble…Thanks to them he’s got that girl from school, Marie-Lou, hanging around and he even has to deal with dangerous troll attacks now! But Finn decides to save his strange visitors from a mad professor who’s chasing them. Who knows what that crazy old man would do to them in his laboratory?

The Jumping House

  • Marikka Pfeiffer
  • Illustrated by Cathy Ionescu
  • September 2018, 128 pages,
  • Age 8+
  • All rights available
  • Website

The Wendelin family lives in a very peculiar house that suddenly jumps off to other places! The family find themselves in the middle of a parched savannah with a giraffe peering in through a window. Or in the middle of a pirate story where they try hard to avoid walking the plank before the next jump. With all this going on, it’s no wonder that the Wendelins are, ahem, unconventional. They often seem to annoy their respectable, straight-laced neighbours. But they have a faithful ally in their neighbour Lonni, a little girl who does everything she can to protect their secret. It would also help to find the family’s missing grandparents – they’re the only ones who know how to control the house and its jumps!


  • Salah Naoura
  • Illustrated by Kai Schüttler
  • February 2018, 176 pages,
  • Age 8+
  • All rights available
  • Website

The hero of this story, Torben-Henrik, feels out of place in his family. He’d love to be a superhero, like his idol, Flashboy. He can do 40 push-ups and is pretty strong all-round. But he’s useless at music, unlike the rest of his family. When he holds a talk in front of his school class about Flashboy dressed up as his idol, he is abducted by two men who take him for the real thing, thinking that Flashboy has bunked off school again. They take Torben-Henrik along a secret tunnel to Hero City, where all the superheroes live. In this parallel world, Batman and Spiderman fly through the skies and Ms Coastguard teaches first aid. The real Flashboy, it turns out, isn’t a hero at all but a music nerd with polystyrene muscles who – just like Torben-Henrik – feels completely out of place at home. The two boys decide to swap families, with predictable consequences. The boys cause havoc in both worlds at home and at school before finally appreciating that they feel more at home in their real families than they ever realised.

Help, My Smartphone Is a Super Villian!

  • Rüdiger Bertram
  • Illustrated by Ka
  • September 2020, 192 pages,
  • Age 8+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Franzi can’t believe it! She is finally given a smartphone – but it is inhabited by an artificial intelligence! Dandy Smart. He is egotistical and annoying and even mildly criminal. Anyone else would quickly try to get rid of the phone, but not Franzi. Her parents don’t have much money. She only got it because she was the first in her family to get into a selective school – everyone there has a smartphone. So she has to make do with Dan, who wants to hack into the city’s biggest data centre and steal a super-chip. But a real super flesh-and-blood villainess also wants it …

Forward, to the South

  • Sarah Jäger
  • Spring 2020, 224 pages,
  • Hardcover
  • Ages 14+
  • All rights available

In the backyard of the local supermarket, you get your name whether you like it or not. If you are lucky, you will be ennobled with an “ours”, just like our Pavel. Or you are unlucky Like “duck ass”. She got her name from Jo, who disappeared months ago. Marie, his ex-girlfriend decides to find out what happend. Together with her and Can, who never stops talking, “duck ass”, who’s the only one with a driver licence, hits the road. The search for Jo develops into a wild summer trip through roaring hot July days. Without a plan, without air conditioning, further and further south.

Whispering Leaves

  • Holly-Jane Rahlens
  • January 2019, 320 pages,
  • Ages 10+
  • All rights available
  • Website

A night in the Whispering Leaves Bookshop ... and nothing will ever be the same again! – Late one stormy autumn afternoon the Whispering Leaves Reading Club is interrupted by a knock at the bookshop’s back door. Oliver, Iris and Rosa open up, in steps Colin – and soon they’re all thrust into an adventure of a lifetime. Colin is from the far future and it takes a while before he understands that he’s not in the middle of a virtual reality game, but has actually been sent back in time to the 21st century. But why? The four children find themselves trapped in a dangerous time warp and quickly realize that not only are their lives at stake, but the future of the world too!

Holly-Jane Rahlens’ ninth novel, a science fiction fantasy set in both the world of today and tomorrow, a book brimming with warmth, wisdom and a huge dose of humor, has all the ingredients to inspire a large readership of both boys and girls.

Original English-language manuscript available!

A refreshing new spin on the time travel genre!

The Mystery of Ainsley Castle

  • Holly-Jane Rahlens
  • March 2020, 320 pages,
  • Age 12+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Lizzy and her father have just moved far north to her future stepmother’s hotel. It's on a rainy and secluded island with little to recommend except a sleepy, quaint town and the ruins of an ancient castle. One day, mysterious emails land in Lizzy’s account. Someone knows exactly who she is, what she’s doing – and even what she’s thinking! Then a young girl called Betty – her exact double! – appears on the scene. There’s no doubt in Lizzy’s mind that something really weird is going on. Lizzy, Betty, and their friend Mack go on a journey to unravel the mystery of Ainsley Castle, only to discover that they are characters in a soon-to-be completed book. Even worse: the author intends to delete Lizzy’s character and replace her with Betty! Can Lizzy and her world be saved?

The Heart of Time: The Invisible City (Vol. I)

  • Monika Peez
  • February 2019, 432 pages,
  • Age 12+
  • Rights sold to Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine
  • Website

What would today look like if you could change the past?

"That girl has a very active imagination. Too active, if you ask me." Lena can't count the number of days she's heard Auntie Sonja say that. She's lived with her aunt for as long as she can remember, along with her two younger cousins. But she feels like a stranger in the heart of this family.

Her best friend Bobbie says that all 15-year-olds have that feeling sometimes. But Lena is convinced there's more to it. She was only four when her parents died. But the accident is never spoken about in the family.

Lena's suspicions are borne out when she finds a mysterious clock among her parent's old things. By accident, she activates the timepiece's mechanism, calling forth enigmatic friends and powerful enemies. Far away, in a place not of this world, a boy takes notice of her: Dante.

Lena is fascinated by Dante, who seems to have magical powers. And the key to her heart. They team up and journey to Dante's home, an invisible city. But who is Dante? And what does he have to do with her parents' deadly accident?


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