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The Publishing House and its History

For more than 10 years now, Tulipan has been building a diverse and original list. With about 26 new publications per year, the independent publishing house focuses both on children’s books and on artistic picture books for grown-ups. The close and personal cooperation with authors and illustrators is the basis of every title that is put in print.

Tulipan publishes books that are known for their captivating, humorous and sensitive stories and for their unique illustrations which aim at tickling the readers’ senses and curiosity. On the move with Tulipan books!

Wir wollen, dass unsere Bücher die Leser berühren, dass der sprichwörtliche Funke überspringt und Gedanken und Gefühle in Bewegung kommen.


Tulipan books offer a broad choice for readers from ages 2 to 12: Board books, special picture books and read-out-loud books precede the »Tulipan ABC« series which matches the needs of first readers and aims at motivating children to read themselves. For young readers from 7 years onwards who already want to read their first “real” novel, Tulipan offers the »Tulipan Petite Novels«. These short and self-contained novels build a bridge between books for first readers and children’s novels and address the children’s emotional world and the way in which they experience it.

Additionally, Tulipan offers special picture books which grown-ups enjoy as well and which are an ideal gift. Children’s novels, children’s non-fiction and activity books complete the list.

Authors and Illustrators

In Tulipan books, readers will encounter both well-known authors and illustrators and new and interesting talents.

Current awards

  • Deutscher Buchtrailer Award 2020 – Werner Holzwarth: Mein Jimmy
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2019 – Jochen Till, Raimund Frey (Ill.): Sei ein Mädchen
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2019 – Jutta Nymphius, Volker Fredrich (Ill.): Sigurd und die starken Frauen – Eine Wikingergeschichte
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2019 – Jutta Nymphius, Katja Spitzer (Ill.): Alle zwei Wochen
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2019 – Jutta Nymphius, Barbara Jung: Schlägerherz
  • Leipziger Lesekompass 2019 – Zapf: Drachen an den Start. Entscheide du, wie es weitergeht
  • KIMI Kinderbuchsiegel 2018 – Nicola Huppertz, Tobias Krejtschi: Meine Mutter, die Fee
  • Preuschof-Preis für Kinderliteratur 2018 – Kai Pannen: Zombert und der mutige Angsthase
  • Penzberger Urmel 2017 – Kai Pannen: Du spinnst wohl!

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Carlotta & Henri – Mom is offline! Like it!?

  • Anette Beckmann
  • Illustrated by Marion Goedelt
  • Spring 2018, 64 pages, 16.5 x 23.3 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 7+
  • Estonian Language Rights sold
  • Website

Carlotta’s and Henri’s Mom is really cool. She always has the latest smartphone, knows everything about computers and digitizes and automatizes their appartment whenever she can. The twins’ Dad is the total opposite: He is into board games and his cell phone is huge and has an antenna. When Carlotta and Henri decide to play a joke on him, it happens: Mom’s smartphone falls into the toilet and suddenly they are all offline. How can they survive? Olli, their Dad, has an idea...

Who Is Afraid Of The Little Wolf?

  • Yayo Kawamura
  • Illustrated by Yayo Kawamura
  • Spring 2018, 24 pages, 20 x 16 cm
  • Boardbook
  • 2+
  • Catalan, English worldwide, Spanish Language Rights sold
  • Website

Little Wolf is sad.

Squirrel, Bunny, Fox and Bear just won’t play with him – their mothers have taught them that wolves are dangerous. Only the Little Bee is not afraid and wants to play hide and seek. The other animals get curious and slowly start to play along.

Smackers? Yuk!

  • Barbara Rose
  • Illustrated by Volker Fredrich
  • Spring 2018, 36 pages, 25 x 23 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

“Give Aunt Lizzie a smacker!”

Help! Leo really does not want to give smackers or get kissed all the time. Neither by Aunt Lizzie, nor Uncle Fred, nor Grandma Elsie. But everyone just keeps on cuddling him anyways. On his Dad’s birthday, Leo suddenly has an idea: Who will still want smackers when his mouth is smudged all over with a mix of chocolate, ketchup, pepper and milk? And, indeed, his family is suddenly very reluctant…

A Taxi Ride With Victor

  • Sara Trofa
  • Illustrated by Elsa Klever
  • Spring 2018, 40 pages, 25 x 23 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 4+
  • Simplified Chinese, English worldwide, Korean Language Rights sold
  • Website

Victor is the nicest, best and most experienced taxi driver you can imagine.

But one day, he starts to feel very bored and begins to play tricks on his customers:

The elderly lady ends up at a fun fair instead of at the hairdresser, a child is dropped off at the library instead of the fun fair, and the librarian never reaches the library as planned but pays an unintended visit to the dentist.

But what’s happening now? All of Victor’s customers end up having lots of fun and being grateful for the surprise. Victor understands that he has no talent at playing jokes on people – and stays the nicest, best and most experienced taxi driver you can imagine.

Full English and Italian translation available

The Bird Who Forgot His Song

  • Hendrik Jonas
  • Illustrated by Hendrik Jonas
  • Spring 2018, 52 pages, 20 x 21.5 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 4+
  • Dutch, English worldwideLanguage Rights sold
  • Website

In spring, all the male birds chirp like crazy in order to find a partner.

Only one bird cannot remember his song. “Wooff”, he says, and a dog shows up. “Oink!” and a pig comes scurrying along. “Moo” and a cow arrives. The animals wonder, what his right song might be, just when a loud trumpeting noise almost scares them away. To their surprise, it comes from a female bird who has tried in vain to find a friend. Could this be someone for our bird who forgot his song?

I Am There For You!

  • Jochen Till
  • Illustrated by Zapf
  • Autumn 2017, 44 pages, 20 x 20 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 3+
  • Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Bulgarian, Korean, Catalan, French (Canada), Spanish, Turkish Language Rights sold
  • Website

Giraffe is sad. She feels lonely up there with her head in the clouds. Thick tears are running down her cheek and – splish-splash – end up dripping onto little porcupine’s head. “Hey!?”, it wonders, “Why are you so sad?”.

But the giraffe’s head is far away in the sky and cannot hear little porcupine. Yet, porcupine does not give up and tries to catch the giraffe’s attention in more ways than you can imagine. Because a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved and being happy together is twice as nice!

Cling Together, Swing Together!

  • Kai Pannen
  • Illustrated by Kai Pannen
  • Autumn 2018, 104 pages, 17 x 24.5 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Garden spider Karl-Heinz and house fly Bisy are enjoying summertime in their hedge in the garden when a dinner invitation by Karl-Heinz’ aunt Cassandra reaches them. They both know that this could be dangerous for Bisy who might end up as the main food there. But finally, they agree to go. As they arrive, aunt Cassandra’s net is destroyed and the spider cannot be found anywhere. Has aunt Cassandra been kidnapped? Was it the praying mantis or the centipede or some other evil insect? The two friends need to find out what happened and end up in an exciting odyssey.

More than 70.000 copies of the series sold.

My Yoga-Picture Book

  • Alexander Eichhorn
  • Illustrated by Birgit Schössow
  • Spring 2019, 44 pages, 22 x 22 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 3+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Most of the classic Yoga exercises – Asanas – are named after animals. And indeed, many of them are self-explanatory: The cat arches its back, the cobra raises its upper body and the lion roars.
In a playful way, children are introduced to yoga-positions which support body awareness, concentration and fantasy. Moreover, the exercises help to tackle small everyday-issues: The turtle helps to fall asleep, the fish activates and the crocodile will make little yogis really hungry.

There Is Space Even In The Smallest Place

  • Rieke Patwardhan
  • Illustrated by Kaja Gehrmann
  • Autumn 2018, 36 pages, 25 x 23 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

“Our apartment is way too small for a pet”, Mom and Dad tell me. But everyone knows that there is space even in the smallest place, right? Even in the tiniest flat there are plenty of suitable spots for animals: A chicken’s nest would perfectly fit in a pot and some animals are flat or can curl up without needing much space.

Unfortunately, Mom and Dad still say “No”. But guess what: There is a solution for when you are not allowed to have a pet …

A Brother Like No Other

  • Andrea Schomburg
  • Illustrated by Dorothee Mahnkopf
  • Spring 2019, 192 pages, 14.8 x 21 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 10+
  • All rights available
  • Website

Luise is shocked when by accident she discovers the family secret: She had a twin brother who passed away during birth. As a consequence, she decides to hide something from her parents as well now: She secretly joins a theater group in the neighboring town. As no one knows her there, she spontaneously starts to invent stories about her twin brother Felix – the coolest brother you could ever imagine. As the other members of the theater group finally want to meet him, Luise needs to find a solution urgently. Of all people it is Victor, the loser of her class who helps her out in a critical moment and pretends to be her twin brother. But how much longer can Luise keep up her mesh of lies?...


  • Dita Zipfel
  • Illustrated by Mateo Dineen
  • Autumn 2018, 48 pages, 21 x 28 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 4+
  • Danish, Estonian, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian and Slovenian Language Rights sold
  • Website

Monsta is frustrated. It has picked exactly this one child and has moved in under the child’s bed in order to scare it every night. This should be easy: Making a kid afraid instead of working in busy ghost trains or chambers of horror.
So Monsta roars and rumbles, bares its teeth, makes its bones crackle, builds creepy masks and practices 47 monster looks.
But what happens is: Nothing. Zero! The child even snores and smiles in its sleep.
Even the creepiest monsta cannot take that!

My Dear Jimmy

  • Werner Holzwarth
  • Illustrated by Mehrdad Zaeri
  • Spring 2019, 40 pages, 20 x 24 cm
  • Hardcover
  • 4+
  • All rights available
  • Website

For Peckie, the oxpecker, Jimmy, the rhino, is his biggest hero and friend. Together, they have all kinds of adventures and Peckie cannot imagine a day without Jimmy any more. But Jimmy is old and will pass away soon. After Jimmy is gone, Peckie experiences that life goes on. He makes new friends and does not get tired of telling them of their adventures and of his dear Jimmy who will now continue to live on in everyone’s memory.

By the author of the picture book “The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of his business”, Werner Holzwarth.


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