The HABA World of Books Makes the Little Ones Big

The entire pedagogical expertise that HABA has gained from decades of experience in the field of baby and toddler toys as well in the games sector is incorporated into the range of the HABA world of books that accompanies children from birth. The focus is consciously on children from 0 to 4 years, for whom the age-appropriate books that are oriented to their needs are selected and developed.

The bath, fabric, and buggy books from HABA provide the littlest ones with varied "reading material" without letters, but with exciting play effects. In the board picture books, children aged 12 months and up can enjoy discovering cool elements such as tactile surfaces, puzzle pieces, sliders, or flaps. The friend albums for filling out, marking with a cross, and coloring let your children's creativity run free and record all the memories of the preschool age.

Another component of the HABA range of books is the picture books for children aged 3 years and up. The picture books offer a wide range of everyday subjects, appealing illustrations, and endearing protagonists, who have a high potential for identification for children.

Authors & Illustrators

The HABA range of books includes titles by both domestically and internationally renowned authors and illustrators, as well as the work of promising up-and-coming talent.
Lorna Crozier, Christine Faust, Jana Frey, Uli Geißler, Guido van Genechten, Sandra Grimm, Carla Häfner, Ina Hattenhauer, Jana Heinicke, Werner Holzwarth, Andreas Hüging, Maria Karipidou, Sabine Kraushaar, Daniela Kulot, Jonny Lambert, Larisa Lauber, Martina Leykamm, Nikolai Renger, Katja Richert, Sibylle Rieckhoff, Vera Schmidt, Michael Schober, Valeska Scholz, Anna Taube, Joëlle Tourlonias … and others.

About HABA

Habermaass GmbH (HABA) is a German toy manufacturer that has for the past 80 years been developing products that inspire, challenge, and encourage children. Every year a variety of new products is developed, including the well-known games in their yellow boxes, high-quality toys made of wood and fabric, children's room accessories, outdoor products – and books. While in the past the focus of the books has been on play, since 2015 the range of HABA books has become broader. In addition to the classic play books, there are now also board picture books, picture books, books to read aloud, memory books, and friend albums.

Habermaass GmbH is part of the HABA Family of Companies, which employs around 2,000 staff. The company headquarters is in Bad Rodach, Upper Franconia, and HABA branches can be found on many continents.



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Habermaass GmbH

Habermaass GmbH
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Contact Person

Managing Partner: Klaus Habermaass
Managing Director: Harald Grosch, Karl Fischer

Managing Director Sales and Marketing:
Michael Hopf

Sales Manager Book Trade:
Armin Groß

Public Relations:
Julia Roth

Editorial Department:
Annika Schmidt, Imke Storch

Foreign Rights:
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