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You want to get information on children's books publishers in the German speaking realm? You are looking for the right contact person in the publishing house? On our website www.kinder-und-jugendbuch-verlage.de you'll find all you need on this topic and a bit more!

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Here you get to know the German speaking children's books publishers. You get a summary on their program, their authors and illustrators and contacts in the publishing houses.

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Here you find a listing of institutions which occupy themselves with children's literature. In addition you'll get more information on how to submit your manuscript.

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Here you find the current events of publishers.

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Kinder- und Jugendliteraturpreis des Landes Steiermark

This children’s literature prize is awarded by the Austrian province of Styria every two years for outstanding authorial achievements in children’s and young adul... Learn More ›

Announcement ends Tomorrow

Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher

Stiftung Buchkunst critically accompanies the German book production with the aim of promoting the quality of books on a technical and artistic level. Every year, ... Learn More ›

Announcement ends in 2 days.

Phantastikpreis der Stadt Wetzlar

This prize is awarded biennial by the city of Wetzlar for a fantasy book written for adults or for children and young adults that stand ... Learn More ›

Announcement ends in 2 days.

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Kaufmann Verlag

The Publishing House and its History The Advent calendars and storybooks by Kaufmann have accompanied many of today’s parents and grandparents throughout their childhood. Founded more than 200 years ago, Kaufmann is one of the publishing houses with the most long-standing tradition in Germany. Kaufmann has always been a liberal protestant publisher with a distinctively ecumenical editorial policy. In the last decade the publishing house has positioned itself more strongly in...

Current awards

DELIA-Jugendliteraturpreis 2020

Magellan Verlag

Anja Janotta: Meine Checkliste zum Verlieben

Kranichsteiner Jugendliteratur-Stipendien 2020

Suhrkamp Nova

Kristin Höller: Schöner als überall

Wissenschaftsbuch des Jahres - Junior Wissensbücher 2020

Beltz & Gelberg

Kristina Scharmacher-Schreiber und Stephanie Marian: Wie viel wärmer ist 1 Grad?

Der Meefisch 2019

Arena Verlag

Magdalena Skala: Sachen. Mein 200-Bilder-Buch