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You want to get information on children's books publishers in the German speaking realm? You are looking for the right contact person in the publishing house? On our website www.kinder-und-jugendbuch-verlage.de you'll find all you need on this topic and a bit more!

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Here you get to know the German speaking children's books publishers. You get a summary on their program, their authors and illustrators and contacts in the publishing houses.

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Here you find a listing of institutions which occupy themselves with children's literature. In addition you'll get more information on how to submit your manuscript.

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Here you find the current events of publishers.

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Der Feuergriffel

Every two years, the Public Library of Mannheim, in cooperation with the sponsor group of the Public and Music Library of Mannheim, advertises the so-called »F... Learn More ›

Announcement ends in 9 days.

Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis

The German children’s literature award is the only state prize for literature and has been awarded annually since 1956 in the categories picture books, children’s bo... Learn More ›

Announcement ends in 11 days.

Kranichsteiner Jugendliteratur-Stipendien

Die Kranichsteiner Jugendliteratur-Stipendien werden seit 2010 jährlich vom Deutschen Literaturfonds und vom Arbeitskreis Jugendliteratur vergeben. Sie sind gedacht für Autoren von Jugendbüchern, die ber... Learn More ›

Announcement ends in 11 days.

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rororo rotfuchs

The Publishing House and its History rowohlt rotfuchs is among the most richly traditional programs for children and young adults in German-speaking countries. Founded in 1972 by Uwe Wandrey, rotfuchs soon became synonymous with committed, contemporary literature for children and young adults. In its over 40 years, rotfuchs has produced children's book heroes such as Markus Osterwalder's «Bobo Siebenschläfer» or Angela Sommer-Bodenburg's «Der kleine Vampir». rotfuchs is also the home of the l...

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Friedrich-Bödecker-Preis 2018

Inge Meyer-Dietrich / Margret Steenfatt

Der goldene Bücherpirat 2019


Charly Art: Moonlight Wolves

Hamburger Tüddelband 2020

Preisträger: Paul Maar

Schweizer Kinder- und Jugendmedienpreis 2020

Edition Moderne

Nando von Arb: 3 Väter