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The Publishing House and its History

BVK Buch Verlag Kempen was founded in 1996 by current chief executive Hildegard van der Gieth. Meanwhile, her daughter, Sandy Willems-van der Gieth, takes over the management step by step. Today, its publishing program comprises a large number of titles and the number of employees has risen up to 23. Editorial office, design department, marketing as well as the sales department and the shipping department are all united under one roof. To guarantee these advantages, BVK Buch Verlag Kempen also offers apprenticeship training positions!

Originally, BVK Buch Verlag Kempen specialized exclusively in the development and publication of educational material. After a while, the program was expanded by adding picture books, children’s books and youth novels. Thus, over the years, the section of children’s and youth literature has become a remarkable part of the publisher’s portfolio. The publishing house offers individual book publications, too, and thereby it supports reading motivation and reading encouragement in a special way. Recently, the publishing house focuses again on educational material. Based on several cooperations with resellers, BVK Buch Verlag Kempen is also active in games and further material.

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The educational program comprises a variety of teaching material for all levels of education as well as material for kindergarten. All material is both project-related and activity-oriented as well as interdisciplinary and differentiated. Furthermore, all material is field-tested and immediately applicable. A very new highlight of the program is the possibility to get all material in prints or easily and quickly via download.

The series “Merkhefte” for primary school students, which repeats and imparts learned
stuff as well as basic knowledge, the „Arbeitsmappen“ to the nonfiction series Leselauscher Wissen“ and the two times differentiated „Lapbooks“, that offer access to different curricula, have all become firmly established in the program.

The BVK book program consists of picture books with illustrations suitable for children, and it is written in a simple and comprehensible language for children aged 3+. New worlds and exciting adventures can be discovered in catching, amusing and thought-provoking books by children (aged 6+) and teenagers (aged 12+).

The BVK nonfiction series “Abenteuer Weltwissen” faces young readers aged 10+ with a wide range of interesting subjects and was also enlarged during the year 2019. The series’ concept consists of colourful illustrations, well comprehensible texts, and a CD with a matching audio play. The children can easily identify with Tom and Tina, the main characters of the books, as well as with the smart professor Kniffelogus. They immerse in another world and into a very exciting story.

The nonfiction series “Leselauscher Wissen” for children aged 7+ connects expertise and reading in a special way. During the year 2019, the series was enlarged by several new titles, and it will also be enlarged by new titles in the year 2020. Each title comprises a workbook with worksheets. The matching audio play offers simultaneous reading and listening. Thus, reading comprehension and remembrance are remarkably increased.

A further highlight of the publishing house is a package consisting of a book and a DVD that brings pictures to life. With the help of the attached DVD, the picture book cannot only be read with very few children, but can be watched on a big screen with the whole group/class. The package consists of three parts: the picture book, a DVD with the film of the picture book as well as elaborated educational material (on the DVD and in print) which includes worksheets for the children and lots of ideas and activities on the contents of the picture book.

Worth mentioning is also the LIMBU series. The “Lese-Info-Mitmachbücher” are based on an innovative and convincing concept: Young readers do not only enjoy an exciting story, but they are also equipped with relevant information about the subject of the plot.

The publications of the BVK Buch Verlag Kempen are distributed throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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