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The Publishing House and its History

Children’s and young adult audiobook publisher »Silberfisch« (Silver Fish) was founded in 2007 under the Hörbuch Hamburg umbrella, along the banks of the Elbe. Thanks to a careful selection of materials and a consistently high level of quality productions the publisher has been very successful from the start.


Every year, Silberfisch releases about 100 titles—from classic narration to audio drama. The program embraces a good mix of entertainment, high quality literature, and exciting nonfiction for all age groups.

Alongside classics by Michael Ende, Judith Kerr, Max Kruse and Otfried Preußler one can find contemporary children’s and young adult audiobooks by Isabel Abedi, Marc-Uwe Kling, Martin Muser, Kai Pannen, Andreas Steinhöfel, Oliver Scherz, Uwe Timm and Juli Zeh.

Strong characters and series, like ›Die Schule der magischen Tiere‹ (The School of Magic Animals), ›Conni‹, ›Pixi‹, ›Der kleine Rabe Socke‹ (Sock the Crow), ›Die kleine Hummel Bommel‹ (Bobbles, the Little Bumblebee), ›Das magische Baumhaus‹ (Magic Tree House), ›Bitte nicht öffnen‹(Please Do not Open) and ›Der kleine Siebenschläfer‹ (Fat Little Dormouse), complete the program.

In spring 2021 listeners get to know how sex education works according to Marc-Uwe Kling once they listen to his latest book »Der Tag, an dem Papa ein heikles Gespräch führen wollte« (The Day Dad wanted to Have a Delicate Conversation). Moreover, this CD includes what Tiffany and her family have gone through before. This edition is a compact of all three stories with sound and groovy quirky music by Boris Löbsack plus live-readings as a bonus!

Fresh audiobook supply of ›Die Schule der magischen Tiere‹ (The School of Magic Animals) will be at hand for thousands of fans. Andreas Fröhlich reads another volume of the holiday spin-off ›Endlich Ferien!‹ (Holidays at last!). This time Hatice and Mette-Maja spend their holidays in Denmark. The well-established audio drama series for children 6+ will grow by two further episodes and again the youngest aged 4+ can take part in solving a crime in the new episode ›Die Schule der magischen Tiere ermittelt‹ (The School of Magic Animals investigates).

More school adventures can be found in the series launch of ›School of Talents‹. In this extraordinary boarding school each and every child has a special talent: Kids can transform themselves, understand animals, control water … stuff like that! In his very own funny, talented and suspenseful style, Marian Funk takes us to a school full of secrets.

Wonderful indeed is »Sommer auf Solupp« (Summer on Solupp). With strong empathy Sascha Icks reads the story of the Fröhlich family who share their vacation time on an island which can’t be found on maps but yet or just because of that keeps innumerable secrets. A real literary gem!

He has been everyone’s darling for a long time and now he celebrates his 65th birthday: »Der kleine Wassermann« (The Little Water-Sprite). On the occasion of the anniversary, Andreas Steinhöfel reads his personal favourite within Otfried Preußler’s oeuvre. The gently staged audio dramas of the picture books »Frühling im Mühlenweiher« (Spring in the Mill’s Pond), »Sommerfest im Mühlenweiher« (Summer Party in the Mill’s Pond) and »Herbst im Mühlenweiher« (Autumn in the Mill’s Pond) tell the story of the Little Water-Sprite for children from 3 years of age.

In May 2021 Sophie Scholl would have celebrated her 100th birthday. Her protest against right wing extremism hasn’t lost its impact in the least. Hermann Vinke’s feature »Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl« (The Short Life of Sophie Scholl) is based on historical documents and includes original voices of survivors. It paints a touching picture of Sophie’s resistance.

Artists and actors

Our multi-faceted, award-winning group of actors and fiction readers includes: Andreas Fröhlich, Charly Hübner, Christoph Maria Herbst, Sascha Icks, Stefan Kaminski, Julia Nachtmann, Eva Mattes, Oliver Rohrbeck, Katharina Thalbach, Gert Heidenreich and Rufus Beck.


Silberfisch audiobooks are regularly listed on the radio station hr2-Best Audiobooks monthly list for children and young adults and decorated audio book of the month by the German Academy for Children’s and Young People’s Literature.

The German audiobook award in the category »Best children’s audiobook« was awarded to Silberfisch in 2019.

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